Heart-Shaped Sun Catcher

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These sweet heart-shaped sun catchers are made from a special red glass mixed with white swirls.  Each one is hand cut from glass with a slightly different swirl design, making them each a one of a kind piece.


  • Approximately 3.5" x 3.5" in size
  • Each has three decorative ribbons tied in a bow to add to the beauty of the glass
  • Suction cup included with each piece

Sun catchers are made to catch the light through your window...they add a pop of joyful colour to your space!  Sun catchers can be hung indoors or outdoors, and they can be tied on a present to enhance a gift or can also be hung on the wall or on furniture rather than the window. 

All pieces come with a suction cup to make it easy to get them up and get you enjoying them right away.  To apply the suction cup, clean the window thoroughly.  Rinse the suction cup under warm water and shake off the excess water.  Press it firmly to the window, allowing all the air to escape from underneath.  This will create the suction you need.  Allow it to sit for a while before adding your sun catcher to the hook.  Another option is to hang it from a nail and fishing line which will appear transparent in front of your window.